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TSZ Addendum 3: Nietzsche's Prometheus

Updated: Jan 18


Continuing with the digressions to previous two digressions into Nietzsche's writings other to supplement our understanding of Zarathustra, this third digression is the culmination of the previous two regarding the image of Prometheus in Zarathustra. Here I discuss the way Nietzsche understands the way in which Greek tragedy and Modern science are to be linked such that the consequences of nihilism inherent to Modern science can be overcome by way of a 'joyous' science. Ultimately, this is a discussion of how Nietzsche's Zarathustra is meant to be understood as creating a new culture that is more resilient in the wake of nihilism since the diffusion of the 'deadly' truths of science ended the life affirming effects of Greek tragedy as Nietzsche understands it.

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