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TSZ Addendum 1: Joyous Science 125 (Nietzsche's Madman)

Updated: Jan 18


Here we briefly digress from Zarathustra to look more closely at the phrase 'God is Dead' to get a better understanding of what it could mean for Nietzsche. At issue is not simply what nihilism means for Nietzsche but also science itself, and so this digression also greatly supplements the series Nihilism and Technology. Here we turn to the book Nietzsche published just prior to Zarathustra entitled Joyous Science. In particular we turn to Joyous Science 125 and its associated context wherein Nietzsche announces 'God is dead' for the first time in his publications. It's important to emphasize that Zarathustra is self-contained and does not require these digressions, and I'm only providing such digressions along our journey in Zarathustra as a possibly helpful pedagogical supplement to our reading of Zarathustra

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