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Homer’s Odyssey (part 1)

Updated: Jan 18

At issue here is what we do not find in the story of Samson, namely, the relationship between a father and son wherein the son journeys to know his father while making true friendships along the way, manly friendships which could have greatly helped Samson avoid becoming the easy prey to women that was his downfall.  In this first part of a multi-part series on Homer's Odyssey for fathers seeking to share the great books with their sons for the cultivation of excellence of virtue, I discuss everything from (1) the proper understanding of the relationship between man and the divine along with its all-too common tendency toward misunderstanding attendant upon man's hubris, to (2) the proper meaning of education by way of the proper reading of the great books, to (3) the relationship and possibly great tension between the just, the beautiful, and the good in the full life of man as he attempts to pursue not simply any life but the good life.

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